Professional Bodybuilders’ Best Kept Secret: Deer Antler Spray

Benefits of BioAntler Deer Antler Spray

Professional Bodybuilding takes a lot of work, time, and maintenance; and the average body builder has a lot to live up to. Body builders are always trying to surpass the competition and build themselves up to have the strongest, healthiest, and largest muscles. What the average body builder may not know is that many professionals and competitors use special secrets of maintaining their perfect bodies and building their muscles up to be even stronger. One of these secrets is to use supplemental techniques along with excessive exercising. And the best kept secret of these supplemental strategies is: deer antler spray.


Ray Lewis Deer Antler Spray

Ray Lewis Deer Antler Spray

deer antler spray supplementsBy now we have all heard about the allegations that Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis used deer antler spray to help him recover from a triceps injury. Of course, this was a really nasty injury and Lewis was on the field playing again way ahead of schedule for recovering from such an injury. Additionally, he denies using the supplement. However, this has not ended the rumors and many people insist that this supplement is nothing short of miraculous, even helping Lewis to regenerate his muscle tissue and come back from a potentially season-ending injury in record time.

What is Deer Antler Spray?

This is a natural supplement which comes from the velvet area of the male deer antler. It is also the only organ in a mammal that is capable of regenerating itself. The Chinese have known about this substance for thousands of years, using it for many different purposes including wound healing and general health.

Main Benefits of Deer Antler Spray:

The most common benefit of deer antler spray is that it helps to build bigger and stronger muscles. The science behind this centers around something called IGF-1, or insulin-like growth factor. This is a cross between insulin and human growth hormone, capable of causing muscle tissue growth at an accelerated rate. This also leads to increased strength, with reported gains of up to 10 percent in just a few weeks.

There are also some amazing healing properties. As we saw (allegedly) with Mr. Lewis, this supplement is also able to regenerate tissue, especially muscle tissue. This an help repair damage done from a hard workout, helping people recover faster and be able to train even harder. It is also possible helpful for inflammation, muscles strains, ligament pulls, etc…

Possible Side Effects:

Another great thing about deer antler spray is the fact that there are really no side effects to speak of. This is quite rare when a supplement is reported to actually work and there are no downsides to using it. The only potential trouble spot for deer antler spray is that it might give you an upset stomach. Fortunately, the cure to this effect is simply only take it on a full stomach or right after meals.